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What leadership lessons did we learn from the Super Bowl?

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl gave us a fantastic game with a lot to analyze.  My biggest takeaways revolved around leadership.  Any time there is a big game or event, leadership likely plays a major role in the success and failures of those involved.  Super Bowl LII was no different.  Over 1,100 total yards, Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, came down to the last play, all culminating in the Eagles’ first NFL championship.  Here are some leadership lessons that I learned.  Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments!

  • Prepare for risk. For those who watched and studied the game, most would likely say the Eagles took some chances that paid off, ultimately winning them the game.  The fourth-and-goal TD pass to Nick Foles and fourth-and-two on the final game winning TD drive are the two that stick out to me.  They prepared for these situations and were able to execute.
  • Modify strengths. With starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, getting injured, the Eagles were forced to start Nick Foles.  Before the playoffs, they reviewed previous year’ game tape to adjust the offense accordingly.  Head coach, Doug Pederson, put the players in the best position to win.
  • Stick with it. The Eagles made the plays when it counted most.  A sack-fumble of Brady with 2 minutes left all but sealed the game.  It was the only sack of the Super Bowl and was a credit to their relentless effort toward success.
  • On the Patriots’ side, most of the talk was regarding the benching of starting cornerback, Malcolm Butler.  This created a negative sense in the locker room and divided the team like we haven’t seen before for that organization.

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Life Tip #17:  Attend seminars, conferences, and clinics to increase your knowledge in your field.

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