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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Looking for clarity? Ask yourself these eight questions

How often do you ask yourself tough questions?

As we enter into month nine of the pandemic, I wanted to help you with your self-reflection.  What type of questions do you ask yourself each day?  Are you constantly second-guessing your decisions?  Do you still have confidence in your abilities?  Life (especially during 2020) can get tough and frustrating.  Sometimes, it’s important to sit quietly, ask yourself some engaging questions, and take the time to answer them honestly.  In the #CJJblog this week, I ask (and answer) eight questions that I think will help provide clarity to your life.  Please reach out to me on social media if you would like to ask me any questions or discuss further.  I am always here to help you grow.  Enjoy.

  • What are your top three personal values? Integrity, having respect for all, and always giving 100% effort.
  • What is your personal mission statement? To be an outstanding role model, make a positive difference in the world, and help others make their dreams come true.
  • What is your personal growth plan? I feed my mind for at least 70 minutes per day with books, podcasts, and videos to continue to grow my skills
  • What is your personal wellness plan? I exercise for 40 minutes per day, fast for 12 hours in between my night and morning meals (ex: 8pm – 8am), meditate for 15 minutes per day, and make sure I get at least seven hours of sleep each night.
  • What is your personal leadership philosophy? I leave a profit everywhere I go.  Everything I associate with gets better, not worse.
  • What is your financial independence plan? I abide by the 70/10/10/10 rule: 70% of my income is spent on living expenses, 10% is donated to worthy causes I am passionate about, 10% is saved in a moneymaking account (IRA, 401k, etc.), and 10% is invested in my own personal growth.
  • What is your definition of success? 1) Grow myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, and 2) Help grow others in those areas.
  • What is the legacy you want to leave? Be a great example and inspire others to be the best they can be.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson has posted some new videos on his YouTube channel.  Check out his most recent video he posted giving us the backstory of the Miracle Night back in 2006 with J-Mac.

Life Tip #28:  When people think of a person with integrity, they think of you.

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