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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Part 2: Leadership interview with Coach

What questions would you ask someone about your future?

Last week, I gave you Part 1 of my interview with one of my team members, Doug Potter.  He wanted to ask me some questions about life, leadership, and motivation.  We released the first seven questions and received great feedback, so we continued with the discussion this week.  Do you have any questions for me that Doug may have missed?  Reach out directly and let me know!  Enjoy the #CJJblog this week as I peel back the curtain and share my insight on some of the tough questions in life. 

Q8: How has the importance of family shaped your life decisions?

When my wife and I had our son, it drastically changed our perspective on life.  Quite frankly, it woke me up.  Family helps me prioritize things and I can gain clarity on what really matters.  I now focus on being present in all situations and plan family events, so we can be around our loved ones.

Q9: If you could go back in time, how would you have handled your finances differently?

I would have started saving earlier in my life.  The concept of compounding interest is a powerful thing.  I would have created a financial independence plan in my 20’s as opposed to my 30’s.  I would have focused more on paying off my debts and studied finance more to understand how money works.

Q10:  Who is your most influential role model?

I have four.  My father (sports and career advice), John Wooden (coaching and life philosophies), and Jim Rohn (motivation), and Stephen Covey (personal mission statement).

Q11: What makes a leader great?

A great leader leads themselves and sets examples with their actions first before expecting others to follow.  It’s important they stay humble and care for others at all times.  Take no days off.  Servant leadership is also very important and how they serve others first.

Q12: How can someone be a good teammate?

Praise your teammates and encourage them to do their best.  Keep a positive attitude each day and always put the team first in your decisions.  Humility is very important when being classified as a good teammate.

Q13: What are some things you include in your daily routine?

Here is my routine on 99% of days: Pray 10-15 minutes, meditate 15 minutes, exercise 35-90 minutes, write down my daily goals in the morning, read goals aloud at least twice per day, plan my day out in 30/60/90 minute increments, and feed my mind at least 60 minutes each day.

Q14: What are some things that you still wish to accomplish in your life?

I have five main things I wish to accomplish with the time I have left: 1) Write another book on leadership, 2) Visit all 50 states in the US, 3) Deliver speaking engagements on three continents, 4) Take my wife to another continent, and 5) Win a local singles tennis tournament here in Rochester, NY.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson received a call last week from an 83-year old grandmother raving about his book and bought another one for her granddaughter as a graduation gift.  Make sure to get yours on the website today!

Life Tip #1: Make each day your masterpiece

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