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Personal Wellness Plan check-in: How’s it going?

Are you on track to hit your goals?

Your personal wellness should be top of mind at all times.  Now that we are at the end of April (start of Q2 for you business people), I wanted to do a quick check-in to see how things are going?  Are you on track to lose that weight?  Have you been sleeping enough?  For me, I want to focus on having the necessary energy to lead and grow others.  The #CJJblog this week dips into your 2023 personal wellness journey and how you can stay on track.  Enjoy.

90-day challenge.  I put forth a challenge for you.  90 days from now (July 28th), let’s check back in and see how you are doing.  Here are ten things I want you to focus on:

  1. Sleep – Are you getting 7-8 hours every night?  Is it part of your daily routine?
  2. Nutrition – Cut down on your processed food intake.  Eat more fresh foods and maybe try out a 12-hour fasting regimen.
  3. Exercise – Are you being intentional with your exercise time?  Is it something you “forget” to do or is it part of your everyday non-negotiables?
  4. Daily walk – You can do this with a partner or on your own.  Get outside.
  5. Quiet time – Sit still, meditate, and/or use mental imagery.
  6. Relationships – How are you building new relationships?  Are you nurturing your current ones as well?
  7. Listening – Make sure you listen first and speak second.  Are you a good listener?
  8. Kindness – Are you a focused person of kindness?  How often do you do something nice for someone without the expectation of anything in return?
  9. Inspire – Do you inspire others by how you live your life?
  10. Feed your mind – How is your Personal Growth Plan coming along?  How often do you feed your mind (ex: I get 75 minutes per day)?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson delivered his Leadership Keynote this week at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, NY.  Want to book Coach?  Reach out and discuss your event!

Life Tip #30:  Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

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