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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Preparing for the Big Game

How do you prepare for a big game?

Big games happen all the time (Super Bowl, anyone?). How do we properly prepare for these momentous events?  As I watched the Super Bowl, it got me thinking about how to go about getting ready to play in such a big game in comparison to a regular season contest.  Below are some tips I came up with while laying out a game plan for your next big event.  Enjoy.

  • Prepare thoroughly. This starts with you, the coach. Your game plan, strategy, and plan of attack must all be laid out in detail and given to your team. Outline the steps toward success and create the expectation that it must be followed in order to emerge victorious.
  • Utilize resources. Get feedback, possibly from others who have experienced the same type of pressure. Take in their opinions and evaluate the best course of action moving forward. Gather facts from outside sources and make the best decision for your team. What resources do you have access to that you can dip in to?
  • Build confidence. Present your plan to your team in the manner of “We can do this… And here is how…” They must feel confident that they can achieve greatness and it’s your job to make them feel as such. Is your team confident?
  • Stay focused. Stick to your plan and also have a backup plan in case the initial thought process falls through. If something doesn’t work, how can you fix it? Success comes from adjustments made on the fly. Will you be prepared to make the necessary adjustments?

This is a big week for the Greece Athena basketball program. We have our senior night game, J-Mac ten-year anniversary event, and a fundraiser for!   Also, ESPN personality, Roy Firestone will be by our side throughout most of the process.  Come join the fun!  Have a great week, everyone.

Life Tip #34: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance

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