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Show Appreciation to Others

How do you show your appreciation to others?

Showing appreciation to others is a great way to establish trust and mold yourself into a quality leader.  When someone does something to help you out, it becomes an opportunity for you to give back in return.  Whether the situation calls for something small or something big, you must reciprocate.  Below are some tips I have gathered to show appreciation to others.  Enjoy.

  • Say “please” and “thank you.” It seems simple, but these two phrases are very underutilized at times.  If someone holds the door open, say “thank you.”  If you are asking for assistance from someone, say “please.”  Keep it simple and be polite at all times.  You can thank me later.
  • Send written Thank You cards. This creates more of a memory than a text or a call.  It also allows you to personalize your “thank you” in ways you ordinarily would not be able to.  When was the last time you sent someone a written “Thank You” card?
  • Respond accordingly. If you receive an inquiry from someone and the answer is “no,” don’t string them along.  Respond accordingly and be respectful of their time.  Return phone calls promptly and show them the courtesy of a response no matter the situation.  Respond to emails, texts, and phone calls and treat each person as if they were the CEO of a company you are trying to land a job with.

Did You Know?  Coach had a great time speaking at the annual National Speakers Bureau conference in North Dakota and has already received a handful of inquiries to speak across the country.  His 2017 calendar is filling up!

Life Tip #2:  Tell people you care about them.  Tell family members you love them.

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