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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

What did you think of LeBron’s first ejection?

Did it change your opinion of one of the NBAs greatest?

LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the sport of basketball.  Last week, he got ejected for the first time in his 1,082nd regular season game for arguing a “no-call” with a referee.  This was not the part I found myself disappointed with.  It was the reaction afterwards and the lack of responsibility taken by King James that had me a bit turned off.  In the NFL, Rob Gronkowski was also suspended for 1 game for his actions in last Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.  This got me thinking for this week’s #CJJblog I am giving you some tips on how to recover from a mistake.  Enjoy.

  • It’s not about you. It’s about the bigger picture and how you respond to your mistake.  Be conscious of those around you and how your mistake affects them. 
  • Take responsibility. LeBron did not take any responsibility for his actions during his ejection game and pointed the finger at others for why he reacted the way he did.  Even if you are wronged, you must stay calm and collected.  How do you take responsibility for your actions?
  • Three step rule. This is a rule that I think LeBron should implement after his outburst.  1) Admit your mistake. 2) What was your role?  3) How can you learn from it?  Do you implement this three step rule into your mistake learning?
  • Be better role models. How many young kids around the world look up to LeBron as a role model?  It’s a true testament to him for taking this long to make a mistake and damage his reputation, but he needs to make sure he continues to think as a role model.
  • Live with integrity. Did LeBron conduct himself with integrity during that moment?    But, we (and himself included) can learn from this.  Do you live with integrity?

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Life Tip #25:  Always lead by example

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