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What are the keys to being an effective coach?

What do you think makes a great coach?

Coaching has changed my life.  As a role model for young student athletes for the majority of my adult life, I have learned many things about coaching effectively.  How do you treat your team after a loss?  How hard do you work them in practice?  Should you befriend them?  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some insight I have learned over the years on how to manage a team and how to be an effective coach.  Enjoy.

Develop your why.  Is there clarity around your team mission?  Does everyone know what you are trying to accomplish?  Promote being winners both on and off the court, which will encourage others to always make the right decisions.

Attraction.  Is your team environment desirable or toxic?  Would a new person want to come and be on your team?  This helps with recruiting, employee retention, and production.  The better everyone gets along, the better talent you can attract.

– Effective communication.  How well do you communicate?  Here are three tips on how you can communicate more effectively: 1) Be a great teacher, 2) Be a Chief Reminding Officer, and 3) Get consistent feedback from players and staff.

Culture.  What is your team culture?  Do you ever hold team building events away from work?  Always emphasize the “We > Me” mentality and build off that every day.

Trust.  Are you building trust consistently?  Do you have one-on-one conversations with your team members and listen to their opinions?  Always remembers that trust is earned, and mistrust is given.  Be truthful and genuine with your words and make sure they match your actions.

Become an expert.  Do you want to coach more effectively?  Become viewed as an “expert” or “guru” in a specific field and you will be able to teach others with much more effectiveness.  Become a trusted advisor in your field of choice.

Measurables.  Do you keep score at practice?  How does your team know who is winning and losing?  Make sure you track your measurables, so you can gain clarity on the next steps while helping others improve.

Did You Know?  Coach will be delivering another Leadership webinar in August.  Be on the lookout soon for the registration link posted on his social media accounts.

Life Tip –  What gets measured, gets managed

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