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What changes must we make to move forward?

What does your new normal look like?

In today’s world of isolation, quarantine, and lockdown, “business as usual” does not exist.  Or, does it?  While we are staying inside, wearing masks, and avoiding physical contact with others, our daily activities are vastly different than they were just a month ago.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t develop new routines and develop a new normal to get through this crisis.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some tips on how you can implement some changes in your life to lean into and embrace (or flatten) the curve.  Enjoy.

  • Routines. We all have new routines we’ve been forced into whether it’s working from home, or cancelling upcoming events, but it’s also important to add personal daily routines to keep your sanity.  Go for daily walks, or go for a morning drive, but do it consistently.
  • Self care. I will avoid discussing the importance of hygiene, but you should also make sure you get enough sleep and avoid going to the fridge every 15 minutes I know it’s tempting).  Stay active and start small (ex: 10 pushups per day).
  • Sit and reflect. You can also start small here as well and build off each victory.  Sit quietly today for one minute.  Then, when you feel ready, bump it up to five minutes.  How often do you sit quietly and reflect on your life and your new normal?
  • Stay connected. Here are some ways you can stay connected:  1) Make contact with others you care about and appreciate.  2) Add value to others by sending a note through social media, 3) Be positive-thinking and upbeat on social media, and 4) Send videos or video-chat with others.
  • Find a cause. How can you help others in need?  For me, I support autism awareness and I give back to THIS  What cause do you support?
  • Pass along information. Did you come across a funny video that will cheer someone up?  Or, is there an upcoming webinar one of your customers will benefit from?  Send it to them and offer your support.
  • Challenge: I have a challenge for you: Read one book/week for the next two months.  Can you do it?  Reach out to me personally via email or social media if you need book recommendations!

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Life Tip #63:  What is the best use of my time right now?


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