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What comes after losing a championship game?

How do you move on after losing the big one?

I have seen a former player and assistant coach lose in their respective championship games over the last few weeks.  This got me thinking about how you can move forward after such a defeat.  Do you take some time off?  How do you come back even stronger?  In the #CJJblog this week, I wanted to give some thoughts and tricks about how you can get back on the path toward success after losing a championship game.  Enjoy.

  • Appreciation.  Immediately after the game, focus your thoughts on appreciating your team and recognizing a successful season.  At a later time, you can set up individual meetings and analyze what happened during the year.  How do you show appreciation to your team members?
  • Get feedback.  What did you do well?  What could use some improving?  Reach out to players and other coaches for a coaching assessment of yourself as well.  Use this information to form goals for next season.
  • Coach Assessment.  Gather information regarding your own performance.  What do your returning players see as areas of improvement?  Set yourself up to grow as a coach during the offseason.
  • Team celebration.  Highlight your season and celebrate our success at a year end party.  Focus solely on the positives and accomplishments.
  • Use as motivation.  Losing a championship game can be positioned as tremendous motivation for the next season.  Capitalize on this and unite your team with the hunger to return and become champions next season.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson and J-Mac will be speaking at the Nativity School in Rochester, NY on March 18th

Life Tip #78:  Take time to reflect on the past, so you can prepare for the future

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