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What did we learn from the Final Four?

New year, new lessons

Each year, March Madness never disappoints and the Final Four is the culmination of a wonderful tournament.  This year was the year that saw a 16-seed defeat a 1-seed.  It was the year Villanova got the third Men’s National Title (2nd in three years).  For me, I like to watch the games from a coaching perspective and during the Final Four, really nail down what I have learned throughout the tournament.  This week in my #CJJblog I want to share a few things that I learned during the 2018 NCAA Final Fours (both men’s and women’s).

  • In the women’s Final Four, Notre Dame showed a tremendous ability to never quit.  Blown leads, injuries, missed shots, and turnovers tried to keep them down, but the Fighting Irish refused to lose.  They were rewarded with a National Championship.
  • 3 T’s. Talent, togetherness, and toughness.  The teams that exemplified these three traits the best were the final ones standing in the Final Four.  Does your team have the three T’s?
  • We all got to know Sister Jean, from Loyola Chicago and became enamored with her charm and belief.  The team rallied around her all the way to San Antonio.  Think her belief had nothing to do with their Cinderella run?  Think again.
  • Villanova demonstrated tremendous togetherness all tournament, but it was most apparent to me during their semi-final game when Jalen Brunson was knocked to the floor.  All four of his teammates on the court came to his aid to ensure their leader was okay.
  • I learned that despite one of the wilder tournaments we have seen in recent memory, Villanova was extraordinarily dominant.  Winning all six games by 12+ points, the Wildcats were well coached and tremendously talented.  What were your thoughts of Jay Wright’s squad?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson and his wife traveled out to Los Angeles to visit their son over Easter weekend.

Life Tip #83:  Be a team builder

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