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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

What do you want to be known for?

What is your brand?

What do people think about when they hear your name?  Is your brand aligning with your core values?  As a motivational speaker, I want to be known as an inspirational leader.  What about you?  In the #CJJblog this week I give you some helpful tips on how you can make sure you are communicating the right message and effectively building your brand with your customers and peers.  Enjoy.

  • Question.  A helpful question to ask yourself (and answer consistently) is: In three words or less, how would you describe yourself better than how those around you would?  For me, I would go with: Inspirational Leader.  What would you say?
  • Service statement. How do you help and serve others?  Are you clear on this answer?  My answer: I help people guide others and become better leaders.
  • How do you serve others? Do you provide a product or service?  I provide a product (book) and a service (keynote – Inspirational Leadership and Teamwork)
  • How do you share your message? I make sure I consistently do the following: 1) Daily success thought on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), 2) Daily dose of leadership on social media – Thoughts and quotes, 3) YouTube video series – You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE, 4) Weekly blog posts on my website, 5) Monthly newsletter – You can sign up on the website, 6) Guest appearances on leadership podcasts, 7) Weekly book recommendations on social media – Every Wednesday, 8) Bonus leadership tips – Videos and social media posts, 9) My own podcast – Coming Soon, and 10) Writing a second book that will be a must read for young and emerging leaders – Coming Late 2021

Did You Know?  If you are interested in booking coach for a keynote or a 30-minute on-on-one personal meeting, you can do so via email –

Life Tip #103:  Kill people with kindness

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