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Why you should read ‘The Everyday Hero Manifesto’

Have you read any good books lately?

I recently finished a fantastic book by Robin Sharma, called The Everyday Hero Manifesto.  It is a lengthier book, but it flows very nicely with very short chapters and incredible content.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you my thoughts and main takeaways on this book.  I strongly feel anyone looking to improve their daily life should check it out.  Have you read it yet?  Let me know what you thought!  Enjoy.

  • Be faithful to your ideals.  Be an encourager to others and provide positive reinforcement.  Did you have someone from your childhood (ex: teacher, coach, etc.) provide you with hope and words of encouragement that has stayed with you?
  • Setbacks are life’s way of testing your dreams.
  • Achieving world class status is less about genetics and more about habits.
  • Adopt more daily practices to refine your talents and reveal your true abilities.
  • Victims are prisoners of “can’t.” (Very nice diagram on pg. 28 of a Victim to Hero chart).
  • Always be kind and mentor others when you can.
  • As parents, serve others.
  • A very nice statement from his father talking about crying at birth, being ready to take on the world.
  • All history-makers were initially ridiculed before they were revered.
  • Every human has the ability to turn ideas into results, setbacks into successes, and promises into prowess.
  • Use the IPOP Principle: Input positivity and you will output positivity.
  • Those who don’t make time for exercise, must eventually make time for illness.
  • Four exterior empires: 1) Mindset, 2) Heartset, 3) Soulset, and 4) Healthset.
  • In development, mastery requires breakthroughs through breakdowns.
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt
  • Tomorrow is an idea and today is real, choose to live life patiently, elegantly, and immaculately.
  • Everything you find easy, you once found hard.
  • The good you do lasts a lifetime.
  • At the end, he lists off 25 of his favorite books – Very valuable.

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Life Tip #21:  Smile a lot (reading this book will help you smile a lot)

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