Will Carmelo be a good addition to the Trail Blazers?

Will Carmelo help the Blazers?

Carmelo Anthony has joined the Portland Trail Blazers for the remainder of the NBA season.  The 3rd all-time leading scorer has bounced around from team to team a bit the last few seasons, not quite finding a good landing spot.  Will he fit in with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum in Portland?  In the #CJJblog this week, I tell you why I believe Carmelo will not work out as a Trail Blazer.  Make sure you tell me your thoughts and predictions in the comments below as well.  Enjoy!

  • We > me. The philosophy that puts we over me does not ring true for Carmelo Anthony.  The last three teams he has played for, he has displayed selfish actions.
  • Offensive star. Carmelo’s declining skillset does not bode well for an already struggling defensive team.  If he can’t put the ball in the basket efficiently at this stage of his career, what value will he bring to the table?
  • Help team? What areas will Carmelo be a contributor?  He has never been a great rebounder and defensive grit aren’t exactly his calling card.
  • Lead by example. It will take some time for him to build trust with his new teammates and be able to lead by example.
  • Team chemistry. He was placed into the starting lineup his first game, do we really think that will help team chemistry?
  • Teammates? Will Carmelo make the extra pass?  Will he do the little things to help the team win?  I don’t believe he will.
  • Winning attitude. He has always had a scoring mentality, but he has never been a winner.  That will not change this year.

Did You Know?  Doug Potter, One of Coach’s team members, had his first baby with his wife, Rachael, over the weekend.  Wishing their family the best!

Life Tip #81:  Be a leader of your peers, not a follower of your peers.

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