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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How will you make your New Year’s resolutions into realities?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Resolutions are meant to be positive changes we can implement into our daily lives.  While the turn of the calendar year is a popular time to create them, oftentimes, they fall by the wayside and fail to be achieved.  How can we turn these resolutions into realities?  Below are a few tips for you to help execute your resolution plans to the fullest.  Enjoy.

  • Personal mission statement. Writing down your personal mission statement will help you concoct your goals in a way that puts personal meaning and responsibility behind it.  What is your personal mission statement?
  • Core values. Be clear about your values and how they affect your actions.  Live with integrity and identify how you wish to conduct yourself.  Do you have clear core values?
  • Write your goals down. These resolutions can be identified in many ways.  I have found that writing them down for you to physically see and recite each day can be very powerful.  Are your resolutions written down?
  • Personal growth plan. How will these resolutions grow you as a person?  Always seek to grow your mind through audiobooks, CDs, books, etc. and utilize every opportunity to grow.
  • Personal health plan. For me, I like to include personal health aspects into my current and future goals.  Sleep, exercise, diet, and taking time to myself are important to me.  What aspects are important to you to include?
  • Personal family plan. Your resolutions should include spending time with loved ones and family.  Do you prioritize spending time with family?  They are typically the most important people in your life and it’s crucial to include them in your growth plans.
  • Personal financial independence plan. Pay yourself first.  Saving money adequately for your future should be included in your New Year’s resolutions.  How are you developing a personal financial plan?



Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson’s first professional speaking engagement for 2018 will be in January in Chicago, IL giving a leadership talk to Walsh Construction.

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