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Will Nick Kyrgios ever win a major tournament?

Did you watch any tennis last weekend?

If you follow sports at all, you most likely have heard someone recently talking about the lightning rod of tennis, Nick Kyrgios.  Widely known for his unusual antics and approach to the game, Kyrgios made an unprecedented run to the finals at Wimbledon last weekend (lost to Novak Djokovic in four sets) .  His talent is unquestioned, but his drive and dedication to his craft leaves much to be desired.  In the #CJJblog this week, I explain while I was very impressed with his performance, I believe he will never win a Major Tournament in his career.  Enjoy.

  • Dedication.  Kyrgios is not dedicated enough to be a consistently elite tennis player.  Even during his post-match interview, he stated he would be taking a nice vacation.  Are you dedicated to your craft?
  • Mental toughness.  This is a huge weakness for him.  If you’ve ever watched a Kyrgios match, you certainly notice that he doesn’t win crucial points and often loses focus very easily.
  • CANEI formula.  Constant and never-ending improvement… is not something he embraces.  Will he be satisfied that he made it to a final of a Major Tournament?  Or will be use that as motivation to continue to improve his game?
  • Adversity.  Kyrgios is notorious for his outbursts on the court and blaming others for his mistakes (officials, fans, etc.).  It is very apparent that he lacks the necessary accountability to become a champion.
  • Coaching.  Most professional tennis players have a personal coach, while he does not.  It will be very tough to make great strides in his game while working alone.
  • Edge.  The true greats possess that edge that allows them to get better with every tournament they play in.  Consistently making tweaks to their game and taking care of their bodies.  Does Nick Kyrgios have this edge?
  • Pride.  What do you think?  Is he an overachiever or an underachiever?  I think you can probably guess what my answer is.

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