Would you like to live to be 100?

Is living that long even possible?

This past week, I attended a wellness conference where the main focus was on health and living longer.  The Blue Zones book was referenced where five main areas of the world were studied as their civilians tended to live much longer than the rest of the world.  After listening to the data and reading the book, I wanted to share some results with you in the #CJJblog this week.  Here are a few key characteristics that can directly affect how we can live longer.  Enjoy.

  • Move naturally. Staying active and moving in a natural manner can allow us to live a healthier lifestyle and live longer.  Walks, hikes, and natural labor are examples of how we can stay active.  These people did not organize much physical activity.
  • 80% rule. When eating, only eat until you are 80% full.  Too many of us eat until we are stuffed and then our mobility is limited.  This can be done by using smaller plates and implementing diligent portion control.  How do you control your eating?
  • Plant slant. Make an effort to eat fruits, veggies, and all-natural foods.  Less processed foods result in feeling better and a healthier body.  How often do you eat natural foods?
  • Life purpose. Quite simply, what is your reason to live?  Find it.
  • Down shift. These people take vacations often and prioritized their personal lives.  Relaxation and sitting quietly can go a long ways in living a longer life.  How often do you sit quietly to yourself?
  • Wine at five. Social events with friends are heavily prioritized as well.  Happy hours are great and can also have serious physical benefits.
  • Family first. Eating together as a family and planning family events are extremely important.  What was the last family event you planned out in advance?
  • Find faith in something greater than you.  What do you believe in?
  • Right tribe. Find like-minded individuals who share your same beliefs.  If done correctly, these individuals will enhance your life, as opposed to hindering it.  Living longer will be a direct result of you spending time with the right people.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is flying to California on Sunday to speak to the Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Contractors (PHCC) of Orange County, CA.

Life Tip #70:  Eat the majority of your food as organic and all-natural

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