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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Challenge: Become a better role model

Who is a good role model you look up to?

A positive role model can be hard to find, but very helpful in your personal growth.  Sometimes, however, individuals make big mistakes and perform distasteful acts, raising into question their credibility as a role model.  I’m looking right at you, Ja Morant (gun related videos on IG) and Bob Huggins (anti-gay remarks and a DWI).  In the #CJJblog this week I give you some tips on how you can be a good role model and CHALLENGE you to do the right things to make the world a better place.  Enjoy.

  • Personal mission.  Are you clear on what yours is?  If not, or it could use some adjusting, ask yourself these three questions: 1) Why am I on this earth? 2) What are my three most important values? And 3) Am I living my personal mission?
  • Raise standards.  This is a crucial part of being a good role model.  You must lead yourself successfully first, and others second.  Check in with yourself and ask: 1) What should I start doing? 2) What should I keep doing? And 3) What should I stop doing?
  • Decision-making.  Do you think before you act?  Ask yourself, “If I do this, will I be admired for it?”  Remember you are always on stage.
  • Personal brand.  Does everything that comes along with your personal brand (words, actions, social media, etc.) align?  Treat people with respect at all times.
  • Mistakes.  Learn from them because it happens to everyone.  Your job as a good role model is to minimize and use them to get better.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson was listed on the Top 100 Motivational Speakers by Eric Papp on his website.  Pretty cool, huh?

Life Tip #28:  When people think of a person with great integrity, they should think of you.

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