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All of Coach Johnson’s presentations are customized to fit each audience’s needs. And each of the keys in his workshops and keynotes can also be used to create a deeply focused stand-alone presentation.

Motivation and Inspiration

With Coach Jim Johnson, you will be providing your attendees with both Inspiration and Content whether they are looking for a keynote or workshop.

Coach Jim has been inspiring and leading one of the toughest audiences (our youth) for over 28 years. He is an authority on teamwork, leadership, and what it takes to make dreams come true. He will customize his message around your event theme and program goals.


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Keynote Messages

Dreams Really Do Come True

Coach lived one of the most inspiring and heartwarming stories of the 21st century. His 6 keys will unlock the drive your team needs to achieve their best: Passion, Mission, Goal Setting, Perseverance, Carpe Diem, and Teamwork. Audiences will learn how to make their own dreams come true while helping those around them achieve theirs.

Leadership Lessons from Half-Court

Using the remarkable story of J-Mac, Coach shares his 7 leadership keys that have guided his teams to immense success. This presentation will help you become an extraordinary leader by learning to Clarify Vision, Build Trust, Create an Edge, Communicate Effectively, Lead by Example, Leave a Profit, and to embrace Servant Leadership.

Leadership Lessons from a College Chump Who Became a Career Champ

In this dynamic presentation created especially for college students and/or staff, Coach Johnson shares his dramatic personal turnaround from nearly flunking out of college to having an outstanding career. Attendees will learn the leadership principles that will lead to success in college – and in life!

T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More

Benefiting from his many years as a highly successful, award-winning high school basketball coach, attendees go deep into one of his six essential keys from Dreams Really Do Come True – teamwork. He and his players could never have achieved the level of success they reached without putting these teamwork principles into action.


Dreams Really Do Come True (90 minutes to 4 hours)

This vision-oriented workshop guides participants through the 6 essential key principles that Coach discusses in his keynote. In this workshop, participants discover how to help team members work from their strengths, value others and achieve breakthrough performance.

Dreams Really Do Come True (90 minutes to 4 hours)

This innovative workshop, created especially for top level management, helps participants: See their vision more clearly, develop increased confidence in their abilities, and reach levels of leadership achievement previously thought impossible.

Setting Goals to Make Your Dreams Come True (60-90 minutes)

During this workshop, Coach focuses on his essential key of Goal Setting and how having clear goals is absolutely necessary to create a winning game plan for life and career.

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