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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Presentation Topics

All of Coach Johnson’s presentations are customized to fit each audience’s needs. And each of the keys in his workshops and keynotes can also be used to create a deeply focused stand-alone presentation.

With Coach Jim Johnson, you will be providing your attendees with both Inspiration and Content whether they are looking for a keynote or workshop.

Coach Jim spent over 28 years inspiring and leading one of the toughest audiences (our youth). He is an authority on teamwork, leadership, and what it takes to make dreams come true. He will customize his message around your event theme and program goals.

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Motivation and Inspiration

You see it on T.V., you’ve read it in the newspapers, you’ve stood on the sidelines and watched co-workers, friends, and family all who have experienced that one opportunity of a lifetime. Have you ever wondered if it could happen for you? And what about making it happen for someone else?

Coach Jim Johnson believes it will not just happen for you but will happen more than just once by applying the principles he teaches in this presentation. In this powerful keynote, Coach shares a miracle moment of one autistic boy that took him from the sidelines of life to winning an ESPY Award, meeting the President, and not just running in the Boston Marathon, but finishing in under 3 hours his first race. Now Coach can’t promise you will win an ESPY award, but he can promise that, by applying these keys to your life, you will position yourself to receive opportunities that will bring you lasting life rewards. Open your mind up to Think Bigger, Lead Better, and Win More… in your organization, in your community, in your family, and in your life.

Participants will learn:

  • How to build personal power and confidence
  • How to embrace change
  • What happens when you approach life with a positive attitude
  • To develop habits to nurture and nourish self

Leadership and Business

Building and sustaining Championship Cultures requires insight and proficiency in the Art of Leadership and the Science of the Game. It is a delicate cycle in taking top-performing workers and placing them into leadership positions in your organization. Will your employee succeed the transformation to become one of your star players or fold under pressure and intimidation and become a company bench warmer? In this presentation, Coach analyzes the most problematic areas in your organization and, through the use of basketball analogy, Coach shares with top executives’ sustainable techniques on how to build their Championship Culture that will retain and grow good talent from the ground up. Organizations may also have Coach come in and guide upcoming leaders through the specialized keys of success for transforming from worker to leader in any organization.

Participants will learn:

  • How to leverage a culture of inclusion to increase your bottom dollar
  • Communication Skills for a Command Presence
  • Influencing vs Controlling
  • Building Your Trust Account
  • Coach’s “Next-Step” techniques to help New Leaders embrace leadership roles

Challenge, change, and chaos has become the order of our day in our personal and professional lives leading to stress, anxiety, and health issues. So how can you equip yourself to stand strong through the challenges of life rather than having them overtake you? By being able to reach into your arsenal and become more than a conqueror when troubleshooting life challenges most leaders face daily.  Coach will lead you through answering the most important 10 Questions, and how to develop offensive and defensive game plans to position yourself and your team positively. This will build confidence in new leaders and give them a command presence before their teams. Learn key principles in taking the next step to turn challenges that threaten to knock you to the ground into the winning shot in your leadership game.

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify areas of passion that will allow you to lead and inspire your team
  • How to maintain stability in the midst of unforeseen circumstances
  • What leadership resources you should always have available and how to apply them


An extended workshop based on his keynote of the same name, this vision-oriented workshop guides participants through the 6 essential key principles that Coach discusses in his keynote. In this workshop, participants discover how to help team members work from their strengths, value others and achieve breakthrough performance. This program can be customized either top-level management or for rank and file employees.

Is there a difference between managing and leading teams? Of course! One inspires, the other controls. But does there have to be a choice between the two? Is there a way to turn management control into guiding, and leadership into strategic motivation? YES, and the future success of your management team depends on it!

Coach will walk team leaders through proven problem-solving techniques and provide keys of success to transform team managers into “Team Conductors.” Giving Team Managers the keys of success to be instrumental in strategically motivating their team to be next-level winners. Coach illustrates the benefits behind “Think Bigger, Lead Better, and Win More”

Participants will learn:

  • Setting Team Goals to support Company Mission
  • Coach’s, “Next-Step” technique for conflict resolution, decrease stress and anxiety among team members
  • Building confidence & trust that will give your team a voice at the table
  • Develop leadership habits to nurture and nourish your team
  • Coach’s “Next-Up” technique to build team members into leaders
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