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Coach JIm Johnson book A Coach and a Miracle

“A Coach And A Miracle” 

Stay-At-Home SALE!

Since many of us are under a mandatory stay-at-home order, Coach is offering his book at a reduced price.  What better time than now to read this inspirational story about what can happen when you do the right thing!?
Order your personally autographed copy today! On Sale NOW until December 31, 2020 for $12.50 plus shipping and handling.  (Coach will practice isolation protocols when packing up your book.)

Also makes a great Gift!

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Many of you have asked, "Coach how has this changed your life? What's happened since..."

Well, in response to so many of your inquiries, I have published a special edition of A Coach and a Miracle. In this paperback edition, you will have the same original content plus answers to the "Where are they now" questions, updated photos and more.

Contact us for bulk pricing for 100 copies or more in a single order.

Current pricing for orders shipped to USA addresses only.  International buyers should contact us for pricing. 

"A Coach and a Miracle;
Life Lessons from a Man Who Believed in an Autistic Boy"

Coach Johnson's uplifting story makes a great gift!

Rarely do we get a chance to hear how one person, who made a split-second decision, changed the course of a life, and went on to change countless lives in the process. Coach Jim Johnson's inspirational book brings these moments down to livable reality in an accessible, inspiring way, revealing how we can turn our own lives around.


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What people are saying about A Coach and a Miracle:

"It's not often that I read a book that touches my mind, heart, and spirit in a profound way. But A Coach And A Miracle is such a book. It details a remarkable event in the life of an autistic high school senior, but it's so much more... This is a book that can have a profound impact on the way you view and treat other people for the rest of your life. It's that good. I highly recommend it!"

- M. Bell

"A Coach and a Miracle" is simply a wonderful book. I was skeptical about how the story of J-Mac's basketball performance on February 15, 2006, though incredible, would carry enough weight for a book. Wow, was I wrong... Every chapter weaves inspirational messages of hope and perseverance..."

- C. Swearingen

"I vividly remember being touched by this story several years ago when it took the nation by storm... and reading this book brought back all of those wonderful feelings. This story is heartfelt and does what any great book/movie should do - evokes emotion. At times I was laughing, at times I was crying. While this book certainly centers around the game of basketball, it is a must read for everyone... as the qualities of compassion, dedication, and perseverance apply to all human beings. I commend both Coach Johnson and J-Mac for inspiring me to be a better person."

- A. Stein

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