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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do you inspire yourself?

Are you inspiring yourself as well as others?

Inspiration can come in many forms.  Some seek inspiration from a manager or coach, while others have the ability to inspire themselves.  How do you prefer to be inspired?  After reading “The High Five Habit” by: Mel Robbins, I wanted to dedicate the #CJJblog this week to giving you a bakers dozen of simple self-inspiration tricks.  Enjoy.

  • Mirror.  Look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself one positive thought.
  • Visualize.  Imagine yourself being victorious in something you want to be successful in.
  • Get outside.  Every day.  Go for a walk, get some exercise, or read a book out on your front porch.   Getting outside will be very refreshing.
  • Read.  Start each day by reading a positive or inspirational quote (ex: favorite motivational quote or bible verse).
  • Exercise.  Consistently breaking a sweat will go a long way in keeping you inspired.
  • Listen.  To podcasts, videos, or audiobooks that inspire or educate you.
  • Positive people.  Do you have a go to person who you go to when things are tough?  Who can you count on to provide positive feedback to get you back on track?
  • Do something nice.  For someone who you know can’t repay you.
  • Small challenge.  Set a 7/30/90 day health or educational challenge for yourself to create some competition.
  • Seek, find, and share.  Something inspirational every day.  What do you post on social media?
  • Passion.  Find time each day for your passions.  Do you dedicate part of each day to do something you love?
  • Promises. What are your most important priorities?  Do you write them out each day?  Make promises to yourself and keep them.
  • Appreciation.  Do you tell at least one person each day that you appreciate them?
  • (BONUS) Gratitude Journal.  Write down three things that you are grateful for every day.

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Life Tip #30:  Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

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