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What can we learn from Coco’s recent transformation?

Do you consistently grow your skills?

Many of you know that I love tennis.  If you watched the US Open over the past few weeks, you likely know that 19-year old American, Coco Gauff won the Women’s title.  She broke onto the scene in 2019 (at age 15) beating Venus Williams at Wimbledon, but hasn’t quite lived up to the extremely high expectations since then.  She has turned it around over the past couple months (three tournament titles) and in the #CJJblog this week, I take a look at her transformation and why she has again risen to the top of the tennis world.  Enjoy.

  • Career changes.  Coco recently made a coaching change and now is coached by the legendary Pere Riba and Brad Gilbert.  Since making the change, she is 16-1 and has won three tournaments.  If your standards aren’t being met, make a change.
  • Mental toughness.  You can tell by her body language that she has been working on her mental game as well.  When things get tough, as opposed to getting frustrated, she bears down and finds her competitive greatness.  She is also remarkably calm under pressure.
  • Greatness.  What does greatness look like?  Well, to Gauff, it’s Novak Djokovic.  She studied him and took notes on how he’s so successful.  In preparation to be the best, you must learn from the best.
  • Scrappiness.  The best players win when they are not at their best.  Coco certainly displayed that during the US Open.  When she wasn’t playing her best, she now has a strategy to keep balls in play as opposed to trying to make a risky hero shot.  This allowed her to dominate.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson delivered his Team Culture keynote to IES COmmunications and their Executive Vice President, Gilbert Romo, rated Coach an “Eleven out of 10!”

Life Tip #22:  Be happy, but don’t stay satisfied.

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