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Book Recommendations: April 2024

What are you reading? 

For those of you who follow me and read this weekly blog, you know I love giving book reviews and recommendations.  Since I read about a book per week, I am able to do a book review every quarter where I review the most recent batch.  In the #CJJblog this week, it’s that time again where I give you the latest 12 books I have read and a couple quick thoughts on each. If you follow me on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I do a book recommendation every Wednesday.

1) Walk on by Stephen Panus:  Had the honor to talk to the author. This is a powerful read about life lessons and the tragedy of a Dad’s perspective on the tragedy of losing a son at age 16.

2) Unleashed Potential by Jeff Forrester:  Had the honor to speak to the author and was a guest on his podcast Pathways to Greatness.  The author is a Life and business coach who  shares great insights and stories to become the best version of yourself.

3) Aspire to Lead by Josh Stamper.  Had the pleasure of talking to the author and appeared on his podcast Aspire to Lead.  The author is a former educational leader who shares wonderful stories and steps to become an educational administrator.

4) The Leader’s Legacy by Scott Burns:  Had the pleasure to talk to the author. In this book, he shares the ten difference makers to be an effective leader.  Great illustrations and stories.

5) The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday:  The author shares a daily thought and gives an example of how it impacts you in today’s world.

6) Uncommon Greatness by Mark Miller:  We had the author – former Chick-fil-A executive – on our podcast, Limitless Leadership Lounge.  In this book, Mark shares 5 key fundamentals to be an outstanding leader.

7) Same as Ever by Morgan Housel:  Best selling author shares wonderful stories about the concept of “as much as things change, they often stay the same.”

8) Your Leadership Legacy by Oakland McCullough:  Had the pleasure to talk to Oak and he will be an upcoming guest on our podcast. He is a former military leader who shares great insights and wonderful stories to become a terrific leader.

9) Hidden Potential by Adam Grant:  Best selling author and college professor stimulated my thinking on how you can find and develop your hidden potential.

10) Authentically Social by Corey Perlman:  My speaking friend Corey Perlman has written a wonderful book with great tips and examples to improve your social media presence.

11) Rebound Forward by Randy Brown:  Former basketball coach has written a riveting story of his failures and how he overcame them.

12) Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia:  As I have gotten older, my health has become more and more important.  Great research and insights on how you can improve not only your lifespan but more importantly your healthspan.

Did you know? Coach will be sharing a presentation to a college class at SUNY Brockport next week on how to become a more powerful public speaker.

Life Tip #43: Leaders are Readers

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