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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Can you answer the tough leadership questions?

Are you an effective leader?

All effective leaders can answer these tough questions that determine how successful they will become.  After attending the Rochester Professional Consultants Network (RPCN) conference last week, it got me thinking about the questions all leaders must be able to address.  How do you grow your mind?  Are you doing everything in your power to become great?  These are some of the questions that get you in the right mindset to be an effective leader.  In the #CJJblog this week I wanted to give you five questions that will make you someone who can lead your team into battle.  Enjoy.

  • Do you have a personal mission statement? Get clarity on what your personal mission statement is.  Write down who you are and what you value. 
  • Do you have a personal wellness plan? How often do you exercise?  Do you make it an appointment that you can’t miss?  Create positive energy for yourself through taking care of your body.
  • Do you have a financial independence plan? How do you save money?  Are you living paycheck to paycheck?  What is your plan for the future?  Make sure to implement a budget or plan as soon as possible.
  • Do you have a personal growth plan? Develop a University of You and consistently grow your mind.  Read as often as you can and turn your car into a library with audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Are you creating a living legacy? When most people think of legacy they think of what is left after you die.  Live your life to influence others and create a legacy while you are still alive.  Make sure your time on earth is well spent.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson shares his weekly book recommendations on social media every Wednesday.  Make sure to check them out and feel free to make your own suggestions as well.

Life Tip #81:  Be a leader of your peers, not a follower of your peers.

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