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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do we keep the faith?

How are you staying positive during this time of uncertainty?

When someone tells you to “keep the faith” or “stay the course,” what does that mean to you?  During this time of the uncertainty and disarray, it most undoubtedly means to stay positive.  Yes, you are forced into new routines and maybe having to make some financial decisions you wouldn’t otherwise normally make, but it’s also a time of opportunity.  Are you embracing our new normal or drowning in it?  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you seven tips on how you can keep the faith.  Enjoy.

  • Mindset.  How are you keeping your growth mindset alive?  Are you making the right choices?  Always remember that no matter how tough things get, you can always control your mindset.  Think in terms of opportunity, infinite, and optimism.  I believe in you!
  • Feed your mind. In order to do this, you must limit yourself to negative exposure of news, updates, and other happenings around the world.  Try to avoid pessimism and arguments on social media or with those you are quarantining with.  Focus on positive consumption and maybe even become an expert on a topic of interest.
  • Self care. Are you neglecting yourself?  Often times when we are faced with adversity, we forget to eat, sleep, and exercise.  Don’t.  Start small and build off what you accomplished the previous day.  You can’t do 50 pushups without doing five first.
  • Clean.  Could your basement use a good cleaning?  Have you been putting off organizing your garage?  Find things around the house to accomplish and reap the (mental and emotional) rewards upon completion.
  • Balance.  Find time for the things that matter.  Have some balance between work and personal activities.  Going for a family walk this afternoon?  Throw it on your calendar and treat it as an appointment you can’t miss.  How are you striking a balance during this time?
  • Start a side hustle. Find your passion and try to discover a way you can monetize it.  Start a blog or YouTube channel, gain a following, and grow from there.
  • Sit quietly. Much like exercise, you can start small.  Sit quietly for five minutes in the beginning, and when you feel confident, bump yourself up to ten.  Prioritizing your thoughts during this time will allow you to find out what really matters in your life.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is in the early phases of writing his own book on leadership.  If you have any tips or would like to connect with him, reach out!

Life Tip #21:  Simply smile a lot

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