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Are you reading enough?

Is reading part of your COVID-19 routine at home?

Since we are all spending more time at home these days, I challenge you to focus on reading more. Reading helps grow your mind and allows you to find your escape.  How are you continuing to grow and develop your mind during this pandemic?  To assist you on your reading journey, I am dedicating the #CJJblog this week to listing 15 of my favorite books I have read (or reread) so far in 2020.  Enjoy.

1) Building a Story Brand: by Donald Miller (Reread)

2) Wooden on Leadership: by John Wooden with Steve Jamison  

3) The American Dream for Immigrant Entrepreneurs: by Mohamed Rachadi

4) Thriving in Conflict: by Doug Johnston

5) First Things First: by Stephen Covey (Reread)

6) The Successful Speaker: by Grant Baldwin

7) Atomic Habits: by James Clear

8) Finding Chika: by Mitch Albom

9) The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: By John Maxwell (Reread)

10) Sacred Hoops: by Phil Jackson (Reread)

11) The Exceptional Presenter: by Tim Koegel (Reread)

12) Leading Loyalty: by Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne, and Shawn Moon

13) 212: The Extra Degree: by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson (Reread) 

14) Grit and Grace: by Tim McGraw

15) One Million Followers: by Brendan Kane

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Life Tip #15: Read at least 15 minutes every day

I am always looking for book recommendations from our readers!  Reach out to me directly and let me know which books you are reading during the pandemic.

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