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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Is it okay to be obsessive?

Are you an obsessive person?

In some instances, being obsessive can lead to great accomplishments, while other times, it can be a detriment to your success.  When is it okay to be obsessive?  How do we manage it properly?  How do we make sure we are in control?  After reading a Grant Cardone interview in Success Magazine on this exact topic, I decided to give you my thoughts in this week’s #CJJblog.  Enjoy.

  • (Good) Passion. It’s always great to discover new passions and maximize our current ones.  Becoming obsessed with a passion can also lead us down the path toward making it a profession.  What are you passionate about?
  • (Good) Variety. Having only one obsession can be dangerous.  If you want to have success with your obsessions, try having multiple (maybe 4 or 5) to diversity your efforts.
  • (Good) Clarity. Becoming obsessed with something allows you to gain clarity on what your life goals should be.  It also allows you to be a person of action and see things through to fruition.
  • (Good) Add value to others. Allowing yourself to improve and learn at the obsessive level allows you to also provide more value to others.  Are you an expert on any particular subject?
  • (Good) Making changes. Oftentimes, a previous obsession will allow you to gain the knowledge and experience to find something else down the road.  Think about something you are currently passionate about.  Chances are it stemmed from a previous obsession you had.
  • (Good) Curiosity. Being obsessive about something sparks curiosity and allows you to become a lifelong learner.  Are you a curious person who challenges the status quo?
  • (Bad) Lose control. If you are not careful, obsessions can take over your health, time, sleep, and priorities.  Always make sure you are continuing to take care of yourself.
  • (Bad) Short-sighted. An obsession can sometimes lead you to make poor decision where you fail to consider the long-term effects.  Always take a step back and think about how you are conducting yourself.
  • (Bad) Integrity. Never lose your integrity or cut corners during your obsessive period.  Short cuts will never lead you toward success.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is now fully-vaccinated and able to travel safely.  He will be going out to Houston, TX in a couple weeks to see one of his former players, Anthony Lamb – currently on the Houston Rockets, play in a couple NBA games.

Life Tip #20:  Be happy, but don’t ever stay satisfied

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