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Is public speaking important for business owners?

How are your public speaking skills?

Public speaking is often considered to be one of the greatest fears in life.  Standing in front of others with all eyes on your every word and gesture can be extremely intimidating to some.  While it does take time and hard work to be prepared for a public speaking situation, you must have a plan of attack when you get up there.  I attended a local conference in Rochester, NY recently and it got me thinking about how important it is for business owners to embrace this opportunity and use it to grow their business.  Here are some #CJJblog tips this week on how to be an effective public speaker.  Enjoy.

  • Practice, practice, practice. There is a select few people in this world who can simply wing it when they speak in front of a group of people.  Chances are you are not one of them.  Preparation is the key to success and public speaking is no different.  Rehearse your material, check your timing, and be succinct with your words.
  • Never read your material. If you are supplementing your presentation with a PowerPoint or visible material, do not read it word for word.  Instead, focus on using it to enhance what you are saying.  It’s okay to refer to notes, but try your best to have the knowledge organically in your head.  Have you ever read directly off a slideshow?  How did it go?
  • PowerPoints should enhance. Use the additional words to make your content more effective.  Keep the audience engaged with eye contact, stories, and even some interactive questions.  Expand on what your PowerPoint says, as opposed to reading off the screen.
  • Education, entertainment, and emotion. These three pillars of public speaking are a good starting point for you to focus on.  You should seek to educate those listening, entertain them, and touch their hearts.  What did you focus on during your last presentation?
  • Always seek to have some sort of action step or story to give them to take away and remember from your speech.  What was the most memorable speech you have ever heard?
  • A well-timed story can go a long way.  Make it relevant to your material as well as direct.  Try not to ramble.
  • Never end with Q&A. It’s okay to include them near the end, but I try to end with something more memorable.  A story or closing remarks are usually much more effective to close with.

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