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Would you take AB on your team?

When is the line crossed?

Antonio Brown is now a member of the New England Patriots after a wild and crazy last few months of questionable (to say the least) activity.  The question I pose to you this week in the #CJJblog is simple; Would you take Brown on your team?  For me, it’s a hard no.  For others, the talent may overshadow all the other antics he comes with.  This whole situation also got me thinking about what characteristics make up a good teammate.  Enjoy.

  • This is important to possess, but not the most important characteristic.  Antonio Brown certainly has great talent, but he makes it very difficult to win with him.
  • Best leaders. In a good locker room, your best players are also your best leaders.  They lead by example and evoke a positive attitude at all times.  Are your best players also your best leaders?
  • Work ethic. How hard do your best players work?  Do they come in early and stay late?  Are they consistently going the extra mile?
  • A successful team in business or sports, is built on people who love what they do.  Is your team passionate about your mission?
  • Being consistent with your attitude is crucial.  Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?
  • Will Antonio Brown help the Patriots persevere through adversity?  Or, will he create adversity?  Find a way to test your teams’ grit early and often.
  • Team first. Will Brown put we over me?  So far in his career, he has not.  Good team members add value to others and ultimately, the team.
  • Does your team have high integrity?  Hold them accountable to being consistent with their behavior both on and off the field.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be posting videos over the next four weeks on his YouTube Channel.  Check them out!

Life Tip #44:  What kind of people are you associating with?  Are they helping or hindering you?

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