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2019 Global Leadership Summit – Best Ever

What is the best conference you have ever attended?

I recently attended the 2019 Global Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL and came away feeling that it was the best leadership event I have ever attended.  The speakers were fantastic and the knowledge I gained on being an effective leader was invaluable.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some of my takeaways from the event and the highlights from those who spoke.  Enjoy.

  • What are you waiting for? Take action.  Stop waiting for the right time and put yourself in motion now.  Learn what you need to know and go for it.
  • Leaders are learners. Never stop learning.  Read, attend seminars, and continue to grow as a professional.
  • Liz Bohannon – Sseko Designs – Keep searching for good ideas. If something doesn’t work, move on by having a bad idea funeral where you bury it and progress forward.
  • Jason Dorsey – GenX and Millennials expert – Provide specific examples of what you are looking for. Be direct with your thoughts.
  • Devon Franklin – Producer/Author – Embrace being different form others and having unique ideas. Discomfort is a sign you are on the right path.
  • Patrick Lencioni – American Writer Top 5 issues leaders cope well with: 1) Confronting issues directly with their team, 2) Managing their direct reports, 3) Run successful meetings with action items, 4) Team building, and 5) Repeating themselves to deliver a message.
  • Chris Voss – CEO, The Black Swan Group – When negotiating for a raise at work, change the narrative.  Ask boss how you can service them and drive a successful relationship.  Less talking, more listening.  Ask how can we be successful together?
  • Aja Brown – Mayor of Compton, CA – You can’t lose by gaining information from those you serve.
  • Krish Kandiah – Writer, Speaker – The opposite of prejudice is hospitality. Always favor kindness and love with your actions.
  • Craig Groeschel – Pastor, Life.Church – How to inspire people when presenting: 1) Share stories with a purpose, 2) Choose your words carefully and deliberately, and 3) Share your vulnerability and touch the hearts of others.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be playing in a charity tennis tournament this weekend at Midtown Athletic Club in Rochester, NY for the Al Sigl Center, who helps those with disabilities.

Life Tip #91:  Look for mentors in your life and mentor other people.

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