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Book Recommendations – October 2023

What books have you read recently?

Reading is a great way to grow your mind.  Have you read any good books lately?  What did you learn from it?  About every three months, I give my quarterly book reviews on what I’ve read.  In the last three months I have read these 12 books and I want to share them with you in the #CJJblog this week.  Highly recommend you look into them and also, I am always looking for book recommendations.  Feel free to share with me your favorites!

1) Shine Your Light by Ed Gerety.  We recently interviewed the author for an upcoming podcast that will be released soon.  Ed shares inspirational stories and strategies to improve yourself and shine your light on others!

2) Becoming Coachable by Scott Osman, Jacquelyn Lane, and Marshall Goldsmith. We had the pleasure to interview Scott and Jacquelyn on a podcast episode.  Check it out here. This is a very comprehensive book about what coaching actually is, what you should look for in a coach, and how to choose a coach.  Highly recommend you read and consider adding coaches to improve your life.

3) The One Truth by Jon Gordon. Another great book by Jon (I have read many of his books). Jon reveals the one truth that, if you pay attention to it, will enhance your life greatly.

4) The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication by John Maxwell. One of my favorite authors. If you want to improve your communication skills, this is a must read!

5) Breakthrough Leadership Team by Mike Goldman. I had the pleasure to be on Mike’s podcast: The Better Leadership Team Show.  Mike has written a very comprehensive book with great stories and tactics to build a united executive team.

6) Trust by Dr. Henry Cloud. Dr. Cloud shares five important keys to building trust and includes some great examples and stories!

7) Leveling Up by Ryan Leak.  I saw Ryan speak at the Global Leadership Summit and he was outstanding.  In this book, he shares 12 great questions you should consistently ask yourself and be able to answer.

8) Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game by Hardy Smith.  My speaking friend Hardy has written a book to help guide nonprofits effectively choose a board that will enhance their mission.

9) The Hoopers Handbook by Tony Watson II.  Tony is a former pro basketball player and he has written a wonderful guide to help young people that would like to play at a high level of basketball.

10) Start Now, Quit Later by Charles Alexander. The author shares a very comprehensive strategy on how to start a side hustle and become an entrepreneur.

11) Trust: The one Thing That Makes or Breaks a Leader by Les T. Csorba.  The author shares great stories and examples of the power building trust as a leader.

12) No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer.  Wonderful read about how Netflix built a great culture by getting A players, creating open feedback, and having less rules and more empowerment to create for flexibility and innovation!

Did you know?  I am going to be sharing a presentation to my friend and podcast co-host, Jon Goehring’s class at SUNY Brockport later this month.  I will be sharing with them how to become a powerful presenter.

Life Tip #42: What books are you reading to improve yourself? 

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