Business Made Simple (Part 2)

Have you read any great books lately?

Last week, I talked about the first (and arguably most important) core competency (section) of the book, Business Made Simple, by: Donald Miller.  There are ten core competencies in total that he discusses in the book and in the #CJJblog this week, I give you my takeaways and thoughts on two through ten.  If you have read this book – or any others that you loved – make sure to reach out to me via email or social media, I would love to discuss!  Enjoy.

  • Productivity made simple. A productive professional starts their day with positive thoughts and reflection.  A very simple question you can ask yourself is: “If this was the second time doing this task/activity, what would I do differently?”
  • Business made simple. A value-driven professional knows the intricacies of business and how it really works.  They don’t focus only on products and services, but also marketing, cash flow, and sales.
  • Messaging made simple. Customers are not only attracted to a clear message.  They also want how this product or service will affect them and improve upon what they are currently doing.  Can you clearly state how your product or service will affect your customers’ lives?
  • Marketing made simple. A great marketer knows how to build a successful sales funnel.  One that captures curiosity, enlightenment, and commitment.  Are you a great marketer?
  • Communication made simple. To be a great communicator, you must be a great presenter.  To have a great presentation, you must start by telling the audience what problem you are going to solve.
  • Sales made simple. Sales is really about the explanation of how your product/service can solve a problem, then guiding your customer through a process that leads to a purchase.  You are able to guide them through seamlessly and must have a call to action to close with.
  • Negotiation made simple. There are two types of negotiators: competitive and collaborative.  A great negotiator diversifies their interests to avoid being swayed one way or the other.  How are your negotiation skills?
  • Management made simple. Management is all about others win, so the team as a whole can win.  Are you a good manager?
  • Execution made simple. Have each team member make a one-pager on their role and how they fit into the team.  Are you on track with your role?  Are you having success?  Also make sure to celebrate your victories.

Did You Know?  You can listen to the “Business Made Simple” podcast HERE

Life Tip #14:  Continue to grow as a person with your own personal growth plan

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