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How can you become a leader that people want to follow?

Do others want to follow you?

As a leader, it is your responsibility to create an atmosphere that others want to be a part of.  Your team will have tough days where everything seems off, but you must get things back on track quickly.  Have you created a team that enjoys their work?  Do outsiders want to join you on your journey?  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some tips on how you can go about creating something that others want to follow.  Enjoy.

  • Build trust. You must have trust among you and your team members by doing the following: 1) Align your words and your actions, 2) Being truthful and vulnerable, and 3) Catch others doing the right thing.
  • Lead by example. As a leader, you are always on stage and being watched.  If you want others to consistently follow you, it is important to consistently act accordingly.
  • Do you truly care about your team members?  Make them believe you can achieve greatness by instilling positive thoughts in their minds.  A good phrase you can implement into your daily practice is saying “I notice you matter” to others.
  • Short meetings. Do you have quick, five-minute meetings with your team?  Are you getting to know them on a personal level?  Always ask them “how can I help?” so they know you care.
  • Be visible. This one is tougher with the pandemic, but are you a leader who sits in their office or home and does their own thing?  Or are you heavily involved in the day to day operations with your team?  Don’t hide.
  • What are your missions, values, and goals?  Are you repeatedly communicating these to your team?
  • Be consistent. Are you consistently appreciating others?  Give them hope and share success stories to help them grow as individuals.  Always think bigger and what things you can do to share inspiration.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson wants to share some videos with you this week: A Coach and a Miracle and 2020 Leadership presentation.

Life Tip #8:  Treat people better thank you want to be treated.  Be kind and respectful to all.

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