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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do you build trust?

Are you a trustworthy person?

Trust is oftentimes the currency of your relationships?  Do you have trust in abundance?  How do you obtain it?  How do you build it?  I recently read the phenomenal book, Trust by Dr. Henry Cloud and in the #CJJblog this week, I give you an overview and some of my takeaways from this great resource to help you gain trust with others.  Enjoy.

  • Understanding.  What exactly is trust?  It’s not convincing someone you are right, but convincing them you understand them.  Trust can also be getting someone to see, hear, and feel safe with you.  It’s imperative that you understand the feelings, thoughts, desires, and fears of your team.
  • Motive.  Do you show you care more about others than yourself?  They need to understand your intentions.  Clarify your why and get them to feel your support.  Here are three motive reasons: 1) Right reasons, 2) Pure, and 3) Others > Self.
  • Ability.  Do you possess the ability to perform a specific role?  For example, you wouldn’t have a Cardiologist perform a knee surgery.  In business, when promoting someone to a new position, it’s crucial you determine if they have the right skillset to succeed in the new role.
  • Character.  What type of character does someone have?  Are they truly caring?  Sharing opinions and knowledge need to come from a good place in your heart.  Are you sharing information to prove someone else is wrong, or because it’s the best thing to help the situation?  What is needed?  1) Virtue (seek goodness), 2) Knowledge, 3) Self-control, 4) Perseverance, and 5) Love.
  • Track record.  What is someone’s history when it comes to trust?  Have they broken it before?  What someone has done before is a good indicator of what happens in the future.  To build trust, consistently exemplify others can count on you.

Did You Know?  Speaking of knee surgeries, Coach Jim Johnson’s wife, Pat, had knee replacement last week and is on her road to recovery.  Get well soon!

Life Tip #3:  Leave a profit everywhere you go. Everything you touch turns to gold, not garbage.

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