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How do you build a successful team culture?

How is your team culture?

Team culture is a very important aspect of your success as a leader.  Do your team members struggle to work together?  Are you struggling to get through to them?  As a professional speaker, I have a few different keynotes that I deliver.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you an overview of my newest one, How to Build a Team Culture.  Here are five highlights to help you attract the right people onto your team.  Enjoy.

  • Vision.  Is it clear?  What is your personal mission statement?  Why are you on this earth?  What are your personal values?  Does your team know exactly what the team values are?  Do they strive to be winners on and off the court?  It is your duty to be the CRO (Chief Reminding Officer) and live this mission at all times.
  • Building trust.  Do you have a plan to build trust with your team?  1) Align your words and actions, 2) Always tell the truth, and 3) Catch people doing the right thing and praise them for it.
  • Creating an edge.  Find ways to: 1) Get input and feedback from your team to implement in your goal setting and 2) Set individual goals with team members and meet with them personally to chat about them.  Praise people doing the right thing in public.  You can do this by: 1) Recognize their special days (bday, anniversary, etc.), 2) Send handwritten notes, and 3) Send personalized short videos.
  • Effective communication.  Are you a good communicator?  You should aim to be a better public speaker.  Are you an outstanding listener?  Are you intrinsically curious?  Asking good questions can go a long way in developing relationships with others.
  • Servant leadership.  Flip the traditional leadership concept around and that’s what you have with Servant Leadership.  You are seeking to serve and support others first.  Keys to Servant Leadership: 1) Find ways to serve your team and shine the light on them, and 2) Focus on developing your team members into leaders.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson just celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary with his wife, Pat, this past week!

Life Tip #28:  When people think of a person with integrity, they think of you.

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