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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Global Leadership Summit 2023 – Day 2

How are you growing as a leader?

If you missed last weeks #CJJblog on Day 1 of the Global Leadership Summit, you can check it out HERE.  This week, I continue on and give you my thoughts from the speakers and events of Day 2.  Did you attend the event?  Let me know your thoughts as well.  Enjoy.

  • James Clear.  Success is the aggregation of your marginal gains.  If you increase by 1% each day, you can improve slowly, but if you decrease by 1% each day, you fall fast.  The problem isn’t your goals, but instead it’s not having consistent systems.  There are four stages of habits: 1) Cue, 2) Craving, 3) Response, and 4) Reward.  There are also four stages to forming a behavior: 1) Obvious, 2) Attractive, 3) Easy, and 4) Satisfying.  Utilize the 2-minute rule when starting something new, which is to start small (two minutes).  For example: Exercise for two minutes.
  • Henry Cloud.  Five keys to know if you can trust someone: 1) Know their history, 2) Understand their values, 3) Know their ability (competence), 4) Character (makeup), and 5) Track record.
  • Liz Bohannon.  The number one issue in the world is loneliness.  To catch your big break, you can do three things: 1) Go first, 2) Pay your dues, and 3) Practice relationship listening.
  • Jamie Kern Lima.  If you change your relationship with rejection, you will change your life.  Your uniqueness is your superpower.
  • Ryan Leak.  Ask yourself three questions: 1) What is your definition of success? 2) What is it like to be on the other side of my interactions? 3) What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?  Remember, failure is your tuition to success.
  • Cynt Marshall.  To build a successful culture, you must: 1) Take risk, 2) Make each day different, 3) Do the right thing, and 4) The three L’s (Listen, Love, and Learn).  Diversity is being invited to the party, but inclusion is being asked to dance at the party.
  • Patrick Lencioni.  Culture can be broken down into three parts: 1) Wisdom, 2) Humility, and Courage (personal, public, and interpersonal).

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson played in a charity golf tournament on August 18th.  What charity do you support most?

Life Tip #30:  Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

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