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My favorite leadership podcasts

How often do you listen to podcasts?

If you haven’t checked out my podcast – Limitless Leadership Lounge – do so now!  We just hit our one-year mark and have produced over 50 episodes on leadership and many other topics for emerging leaders.  I also listen to them quite a bit and consider myself somewhat of a podcast junkie.  This week in the #CJJblog I give you some of my favorites and group them into three categories: 1) Podcasts I listen to and would love to be a guest on (wink wink), 2) Podcasts I have been a guest on, and 3) Podcasts with a local flavor (Rochester, NY).  Enjoy.

  • Podcasts I listen to and would love to be a guest on
    • The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – Andy Stanley
    • Business Made Simple – Donald Miller
    • John Maxwell Leadership Podcast – John Maxwell
    • Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast – Craig Groeschel
    • The Table Group Podcast – Patrick Lencioni
    • Corporate Competitor Podcast – Don Yaeger
    • How I Built This – Guy Raz
    • The Learning Leader Show – Ryan Hawk
    • The Daily Mastery Podcast – Robin Sharma
    • The Brendon Show – Brendon Burchard
    • The Dean Graziosi Show – Dean Graziosi
    • The EntreeLeadership Podcast – George Kamel
  • Podcasts I have been a guest on
    • Leaning Into Leadership – Darrin Peppard
    • The Teamwork Advantage – Gregg Gregory
    • Counsel Culture – Eric Brooker
    • Raise Your Game Show – Alan Stein, Jr.
    • The Bow Knows Who Is Changing The World – Chris Jones
    • The People Progressing PC – Joe White
    • The Principal Leadership Lab – Jeff Prickett & Adam DeWitt
  • Podcasts with a local flavor (Rochester, NY) – I have been a guest on all
    • Normal Lies – Linda Heeler
    • Real Business Connections Network – Ben Albert
    • The Gonzo Experience – David Mammano
    • Your Personal Growth, Personal Brand – Andrew Biernat
    • Timeout With Leaders – Kevin Rustici & Tyler White

Did You Know?  Coach just recently celebrated his 40th Anniversary with his wife, Pat

Life Tip #16:  Turn your car into a library on wheels (and listen to podcasts)

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