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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

National Speakers Association – Influence 2023 (Orlando, FL)

Have you attended a conference this year?

Conferences are a classic case of you get out what you put in.  If you go through the motions, don’t engage with anyone, don’t ask questions, and basically just show up and nothing more…  You will not have a good experience.  If you do as I did at the National Speakers Association Influence 2023 event, then you will gain tremendous value.  I give you some of my takeaways in the #CJJblog this week.  Enjoy.

  • Delatorro McNeal.  To make more of an impact, shift your story, attitude, and leadership.  It’s always easier to be better than your best self, because that is in the past.  Elevate your uniqueness, because when there are two of something, one of them is unnecessary.
  • Marc Randolph.  Make your pitch about three things: 1) People, 2) People, and 3) People.  It’s about the jockey, not the horse.  Do you possess the heart to see others be successful?
  • Jon Gordon.  When you appreciate, you elevate.  Love the audience mindset.  If you invest in the roots of the tree, you get the best fruit.  Struggles help you find your greatest strengths.
  • Justin Jones.  Have an after-care plan for your clients.  Not failing means you are not trying hard enough.  
  • National Speakers Association Hall of Famers:
    • Connie Podesta
    • Mark Scharenbroich
    • Willie Jolley
  • Opening.  In your intro, use a teaser.  Don’t start with pleasantries, or the typical how is everybody doing?  Tell a story off the bat, or use the word “imagine…” then give a statistic or a story.
  • Closing.  1) Never end with a Q&A (do it near the end, but not at the very end), 2) Ask powerful, thought-provoking questions, 3) Loop back and connect to a previous thought or story you told, and 4) End with a challenge or call-to-action.
  • Victor Antonio.  Three E’s – Educate, Empathy, and Empower.

Did You Know?  You can check out one of my favorite podcast episodes HERE.  It’s “Beyond Your Why” with Dr. Gary Sanchez, and this episode is specifically talking about how to captivate your audience.  Definitely worth a listen.

Life Tip #18:  Take a public speaking course.

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