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Book Recommendations – July 2023

What are you reading? 

Below are a Baker’s dozen of the books I have read over the last few months.  What have you read?  Anything on this list?

1) Holy Moments by Matthew Kelly.  See previous blog post for details.  Very powerful read!

2) The Carpenter By John Gordon.  I just saw the author speak at the NSA conference.  Fictional story with wonderful leadership lessons.

3) The Wisdom of the Bullfrog by Admiral William McRaven.  Excellent leadership lessons illustrated with powerful examples and stories.

4) Seeing To LEAD by Dr. Chris Jones.  Had the pleasure to be on Dr. Jones podcast.  Chris is a principal at a high school and a must read for all educational leaders.

5) The Rocking Chair Prophet by Matthew Kelly.  Well-written fictional story with powerful life lessons.

6) Culture Rules by Mark Miller. The author has been in a leadership position at Chick-fil-a for many years.  He shares great insights on how to build an effective, long-lasting, and positive team culture.

7) Walking the Leadership Tightrope by Chis Ice. We had Chris on our podcast.  Chris has many leadership positions in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.  He has excellent ideas to support leaders in both.

8) 100 Things to do in Rochester Before You Die by Robin Flanagan.  Being from Rochester, NY, this was a fun read for me.

9) Welcome to Management by Ryan Hawk.  We also had Ryan on our podcast.  If you are a young leader this book is a must read!

10) Lead For God’s Sake by Todd Gongwer.  We had the author on our podcast as well.  This is a very profoundly touching fictional story with so many powerful leadership lessons.

11) The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charles Mackery.  Very quick read with excellent life lessons.

12) The Pursuit of Excellence by Ryan Hawk.  Another powerful leadership book by Ryan.  Also check out his great podcast: The Learning Leader Show.

13) Walking the Path by Keith McNally.  Had the pleasure to be on Keith’s podcast.  Fictional story that shares great wisdom about getting out of your comfort zone.

Did You know?  Coach Jim Johnson attended the National Speakers Conference in Orlando this past weekend. It was outstanding. If you are a speaker, we highly recommend you join NSA.

Life Tip: 15 Read at Least 15 minutes per day.

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