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What can you do to separate yourself from the crowd?

How are you different?

Life comes at you fast and it is easy to get complacent.  If you are not careful, years can go by without you doing anything different than your peers.  Have you done anything unique in 2020?  Did you learn a new skill?  Or, have you coasted along, simply hoping your life will magically improve?  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you tips in three categories (mentally, physically, and socially) on how you can separate yourself from the crowd.  Enjoy.


  • Read every day. For 15 minutes.  Set a timer and stick to the time limit. 
  • Library on wheels. You can listen to audiobooks in the car while you drive. This can become a great time to learn a new skill or topic.
  • Two-for-One. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you do chores or tasks around the house.  Cleaning the basement?  Listen to a leadership podcast as well.
  • Sit quietly. Every day for three minutes.  Focus on your breathing and free your mind from worry.


  • Make appointments with yourself every day to stay active.  Always be in the “one more rep” mindset and push yourself to new heights.
  • Accountability partner. Going to the gym?  Bring someone with you (socially distanced, of course).  Designate someone close to you as your person that holds you accountable for achieving your goals.
  • 12-hour fasting. Always keep 12 hours in between your last meal at night and first meal the next day (ex: 7pm to 7am).
  • Don’t eat after 7pm. Let your body fully digest your food before going to sleep.
  • Drink water. Make sure you drink water more than any other liquid every day.  Want a 12oz cup of coffee?  Make sure to combat it with 12oz+ of H2O.


  • Hug your family. Try and hug your significant other (or someone close to you) at least three times per day.
  • Phone calls. Call at least one person that you are close with every week, just to see how they are doing (no agenda or reason, just to say “hey”).
  • Text at least five people each week that you have not spoken to in over a month.
  • Send a note of congratulations or gratitude to at least one person every week.
  • Social media. Use your favorite platforms to wish someone a happy birthday.
  • Always be the first person to smile when you meet someone face-to-face.
  • Role model. Always be the role model others want to emulate.  Set an example at all times that others want to follow.

*Do YOU have any ideas on how you can stand out?  Reach out and let me know!

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson was on The Massimo Show podcast with Rod Santomassimo.  Listen to the episode entitled “E 46: Jim Johnson: How finding your ‘Why’ will lead you to success – On and off the court.” HERE.

Life Tip #21: Smile a lot 😊

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