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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Who is your J-Mac?

Do you have someone who makes you feel included?

Since 2022 is right around the corner, I felt the #CJJblog this week was a good place to let everyone know that I have a new presentation I will be rolling out next year, focusing on inclusion.  Are you preparing any changes for the new year?  Here are the three main points of my new speaking presentation, which will discuss the power of inclusion and how you can become someone of value on a team and in society. For me, that person has always been J-Mac. Do you know anyone who makes everyone always feel included?  Enjoy.

  • Valued.  Do you show others you value them?  1) Their role and importance, 2) Catch them doing the right thing and recognize them consistently, and 3) Show you care (ex: bday card).
  • Team mission.  What are your team values?  Are they clear?  I wanted my team to be winners on and off the court.  To ensure everyone feels valued, make sure to: 1) Respect everyone, 2) Improve every day, and 3) Build trust by living a life of integrity and speak the truth.
  • Outstanding team player.  Want to develop good teammates?  1) “We” over “Me” mentality, 2) Lift teammates up by being a good listener, and 3) Set a great example for your teammates with your work ethic and attitude.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson recently spoke at Byron Bergen High School to students in the Western NY Tech Academy and met an old acquaintance – Preston Bell, whom he met years ago at another speaking engagement.  Small world. Thank you for your support, Preston!

Life Tip #65:  You should always add value to all people

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