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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Why is it important to cherish our life experiences?

How do you cherish the things going on in your life?

We all face challenges in our life, but the real differentiator is how we react to them and cherish the little things.  It’s easy to get bogged down with negativity and start to complain about what is going wrong.  After spending five challenge-filled days in Texas last weekend watching a former player live out his dreams playing in the NBA, I decided remind us to cherish our life experiences in the #CJJblog this week.  Enjoy.

  • (Challenge) Five flight delays. I experienced five delays between my two flights on my trip, making it very easy for me to focus on frustration and negativity.  Instead, I kept reminding myself of the purpose of the trip and the unbelievable life experience.
  • (Challenge) Driving. From when I landed to when I left, there was about 10 hours of driving throughout the weekend.  Luckily my brother volunteered to drive the whole time and we had some good Sirius Radio to liven the rides.
  • (Solution) Attitude and perspective. Despite the challenges, I was able to cherish the time spent with my brother, nephew, and former player, Anthony Lamb.  By focusing on the life experience of seeing Anthony play in two NBA games, I was able to overcome the challenges that tried to drag me down.
  • (Solution) Carpe Diem. I was able to catch up with my brother, see his new home in Dallas, and watch one of my former players in the NBA, which is quite a thrill as a former High School coach.
  • (Solution) Attitude of gratitude. I was very thankful that my brother was willing to pick me up at the airport and do all the driving.  I also appreciated the opportunity to have brunch with Anthony, spend some time with him, and tell him how proud I am of his accomplishments.
  • (Solution) Serendipity. A small victory, but not only were we able to get a great parking spot right outside our hotel in downtown Houston (very rare), but we were also able to park there all weekend for four bucks.  I also was able to see the good in the games themselves, while I was cheering for Houston, the game flow allowed for Anthony to see some good minutes.  Another small win was the weather.  It was incredible to wake up and go on a morning walk in 74 degree weather, which was a far cry from my usual routine in Rochester, NY.

Did You Know?  In the game on Saturday, Coach was able to see the great Steph Curry play against the Rockets and score 30 points.

Life Tip #100:  Always ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”

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