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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Coach’s Career Path Q&A (Part 2)

How has your experience helped you become successful today?

Last week, we posted a Q&A on the first half of my coaching career – You can check it out HERE.  As many of you know, the first half can be described as “Before J-Mac” and the second half is “After J-Mac” because of not only the timeline, but also the success I was able to have after we came together.  IN the #CJJblog this week we continue our Coach’s Career Path Q&A two part series with questions about the second half of my coaching career.  Enjoy!

1) What do you consider to be the “Turning Point” in your coaching career?  Turning point was definitely witnessing J-Mac’s perseverance firsthand.  He tried out for our team three consecutive seasons without making it. He served as team manager for three years and his magical game (on senior night in 2006) made me realize that my mission to help young people’s dreams come true is what I was all about.

2) How did you turn your first championship into sustained success?  We rode the emotional wave of J-Mac’s game by winning our first sectional championship that same season. What I learned was I had to be the rock for our team during the postseason tournaments. My two keys for sustained success are staying poised under pressure and continuing to grow as a person and as a leader.

3) What are you most proud of in your coaching career?  I am most proud of J-Mac’s game and how the team rallied around him.  I also wanted to become a consistent winner, so I’m very proud that we made 14 straight Final Four appearances (or better) in the sectional tournament over the last 14 seasons of my career.  I’d say that’s pretty consistently good.

4) What one piece of advice would you give someone early on in their coaching career?  Be clear about your WHY, your personal mission statement, and your core values. Then, be a great example for your players to follow, consistently improve yourself, and help your players become successful on and off the court.

5) Looking back at your coaching career… Would you change anything?  I would have been clearer on why I was put on this earth (my personal mission statement).  I would focus on living my mission and lead by example.  I would not have drank alcohol during any of my seasons either.  Although, I didn’t drink for the last 23 seasons of my career.  Remember You are Always on Stage!

Did you know?  Coach will be sharing his Dreams Do Come True presentation to advisors for NY Life on Friday April 5th.      

Life Tip #17:  Attend seminars, conferences, or clinics to improve your knowledge in your field. 

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