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Congrats to Tiger Woods – Is he now officially back?

Did you watch Tiger last weekend at the Masters?

I was one of the people who believed Tiger Woods would never win another Major golf Tournament (Masters, US Open, PGA Championship, and the Open Championship).  Then, last weekend at the Masters in Augusta, GA, he proved us wrong.  In one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history, he won his first Major since 2008.  How did Tiger do it?  Does this re-establish himself as the greatest golfer on the planet?  Did you think he would ever win another Major Tournament?  The #CJJblog this week takes a look at how Tiger Woods has returned to greatness, at least for one weekend.  Enjoy.

  • Heart of a champion.  Tiger never doubted himself and threw in the towel.  The easiest way to ensure your continued failure is to stop believing in yourself.  Do you have the heart of a champion?
  • Dedication.  It is well-documented that Tiger wakes up at 3:30 am to prepare for a tournament and work on his game.  Do you have that level of dedication and work ethic?
  • Championship experience.  At age 43, Tiger has played in his fair share of golf tournaments.  His ability to play safe and smart last weekend while others were taking risks (and hitting shots into the water), he was hitting greens and fairways.
  • Visualize.  Tiger is one of the biggest advocators of visualization.  Each shot can be executed if you take the time to relax and envision yourself succeeding.
  • Right people.  Since Tiger made his mistakes more than a decade ago, he has surrounded himself with the right people to get him back on track.  His caddy’s, coaches, and friends all help him get to the top.
  • Perseverance. He has had that never give up attitude since he became pro as a teenager.  His resolve was tested over the last few years, but his 2019 Master victory proves Tiger is back.

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