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Do you deserve to be called a leader?

Are you deserving of the leadership title?

We all want to be called – or considered – a leader.  Having that distinction means that we are helping to guide others toward success.  But, are you worthy of such a label?  Are you taking the proper steps to obtaining (and keeping) this honor?  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you six tips on earning the right to be called a leader.  Enjoy.

  • Lead by example.  This is a MUST.  You must remember: 1) You are always on stage, 2) Your words = Actions, and 3) Clarity on your WHY (Personal Mission and Core Values).
  • Care.  Do others know how much you care?  In order to truly show your people you care, you must meet with them individually on a consistent basis.  When focusing on care, remember the FORM acronym (Family, Occupation, Recreational, and Meaning).  Are you visible to your team?  Be visible by being present and walking (or Zooming) around.
  • Meetings.  Are your team meetings meaningful?  What is the purpose of the meeting?  1) Is it necessary? 2) Are the right people in attendance? and 3) What is the purpose?
  • Building trust.  What is your trust plan with your team?  How are you putting it into action?  Nobody will follow you as a leader without trust.
  • Safety.  Is your team environment a safe space for an exchange of ideas and feedback?  Remember to: 1) Encourage input from all team members, 2) Encourage everyone to utilize their strengths, 3) Encourage your team to take risks, 4) Have open communication, and 5) Praise/criticize according to what makes your team members most comfortable.
  • Communication.  Are you an effective communicator?  How do members on your team prefer to be communicated with?  If you can master being an active listener with your team, you will be a good leader.

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Life Tip #45:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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