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Done wrong by USPS

When have you been disappointed in a customer service?

Last week, I had a disappointing experience with the customer service of USPS as I was trying to deliver a box of books to Las Vegas.  Time was of the essence and I needed to deliver the package by the end of the week.  Therefore, I was coerced into the overnight option for $66 and was guaranteed successful delivery.  Not only was the box delivered late, but the books were gone!  Customer service was less than helpful after being bounced around only to find out all I was able to do was submit a complaint request online.  After many phone calls and losing $350 in book inventory (which still have not been located), I am certain something should have been done to make it right by USPS.  The #CJJblog this week is dedicated to customer service and how you should handle mistakes.  Make sure you let me know of a time you were let down as well.

  • Customer focused.  Always ask how can I best support you?  And follow through on these requests.  In my USPS story, I was told that nothing could be done.
  • Make it better.  Whether it’s a refund, discount, coupon, etc. you should always make it right with the customer.  There was no urgency from customer service to find my books, which they lost.
  • Keep consistent contact.  Give updates and always make the customer feel that they are not being ignored.
  • Add value to customer.  This is where the post office fell short.  They failed me and refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing.  How do you add value to your customers?
  • Use mistake as fuel.  The customer should leave the experience as a raving fan.  Everyone makes mistakes and most people understand that.  Go above and beyond to make sure your consumer appreciates your efforts.
  • Social media.  Utilize these methods to receive feedback and implement necessary changes.  How do you use social media to get feedback?
  • Stay in touch.  Use newsletters, notes, and emails to stay top of mind.  This also keeps your customers engaged.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson delivers his Leadership keynote to High School Juniors and Seniors of the Hoby Program at the University of Rochester on June 2nd.

Life Tip #7:  Treat each person like they are a million dollar customer

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