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Is Kyrie the answer in Dallas?

How do you decide if a player is the right fit?

With the NBA trade deadline passed, there were a lot of marquee moves made that will certainly shake up the NBA season.  I wanted to focus on the Kyrie Irving trade to the Dallas Mavericks this week in the #CJJblog.  Is it the right fit?  Or has he proven to be too much of a headache?  For me, I would not want him on my team.  What do you think of the Kyrie trade and how does he fit in with Luka Doncic in Dallas?

  • Talent.  Kyrie has undeniable offensive talent.  One of the most talented players in the NBA.  Ball-handling, shooting, clutch performer, and can get buckets at will.  On the defensive end, though?  Not so much.
  • Passion.  Can his teammates count on him?  No.  As Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is showing up.”  Kyrie is a high risk every game, every season to sit out for a myriad of reasons.  No thank you.
  • Coachable.  CANEI Formula (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement).  Does he make others around him better?  He lacks the drive to lead by example.  I would consider him a coach’s headache.
  • We > Me.  He is the epitome of a “Me > We” player.  Is that someone you would want on your team?  In my opinion, it’s a resounding NO.

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