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Are you spending enough time with Family?

Is your family one of your top priorities for the new year?


Now that our new year’s resolutions are in full effect, have you prioritized family time?  It can be very easy to get side-tracked with work and other items going on in your life, but at the end of the day, your family is what really matters.  It is crucial to spend as much time with them as possible.  In this weeks edition of the #CJJblog I wanted to give a few tips to make sure you don’t lose sight of spending time with those whom you are closest with.  Enjoy.

  • Make it family top priority. It’s very easy to be a good listener and when you are communicating with your family.  Make eye contact, be in the moment, and be involved in the conversation.  Are you a good listener?
  • Spend time with your spouse. Getting into routines are good as long as you don’t develop poor habits.  Make it a priority to spend time with your spouse each day.  After work, you can make an appointment to hear about each others day.  Do you spend enough one-on-one time with your spouse?
  • Monthly calendar. Create a calendar of events for your family time.  Put it on a board or planner when you are going to do things together.  Game nights, dinners, movies, and group trips are great things to plan in advance.
  • Plan out the year. Going on vacation or outings are a big deal and should be treated as such.  Make sure you have them on the calendar and prioritize being a part of them.  Do you have your entire year planned out with your family?
  • Holidays are a great time to create family traditions, especially for younger families.  This will create excitement for kids and make these events more memorable.  What traditions make your family unique?
  • Role model. Being  role model for others can be a great way to enhance your relationship with them.  It doesn’t take much, just be a good listener and do the right things as you are always on stage.  Act like it.


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Life Tip #2:  Tell people you are close to that you love them

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