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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do you Consistently Compete at the highest Level?

What is your definition of consistent success?

As we go through our day to day lives, we experience ups and downs, but how do you consistently stay at the top of your profession?  As you all know, I love tennis.  One of my favorite tennis players is Raphael Nadal, who has experienced many setbacks during his career.  What I envy the most about him is how he comes back each time and as soon as we write him off, he is right back at the top of his game having success.  For this week’s #CJJblog I wanted to give you some tips on how to consistently be at the top of your game.  Enjoy.

  • Learn from your success. It’s much easier to learn from your mistakes, but it’s also important to learn from your success.  Greatness has a price; are you willing to pay it?  Are you going to continue to grow and develop or will you stop learning?  Do you have the drive for constant continued growth?
  • Learn from your setbacks. On the flip side, when you experience setbacks, how do you react?  Do you crumble?  Do you give up?  Or, do you learn from your setback and come back stronger?  Nadal has suffered many injuries and each time somehow comes back stronger.
  • Believe in your coaching. Trust those around you to get you back to the top. Nadal has his Uncle Tony as well as Carlos Moya on his coaching staff, what about you?  Who are you eager to learn from?  Make sure you have others to lean on.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson speaks to teams and also loves working with Athletic Directors to enhance their coaching skills.

Life Tip #102: There are two motivating factors; the appeal of gain, and the fear of loss.  Great leaders use both.

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