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The Importance of Doing the Right Thing

Are you consistently doing the right thing?

Whether we are brushing our teeth before bed, or on stage in front of thousands of people, we must always live our lives like we are in the spotlight.  Our teams look up to us (as leaders) in search of guidance and direction in their journey toward success.  Why is it so important to “do the right thing” on a consistent basis?  Because no matter the situation, someone will always appreciate your hard work.  Whether it’s working hard to form good habits when you are alone, or working hard on a project at work, your ability to do the right thing will always prove it’s worth.  Here are a few quick examples of doing the right thing that I was fortunate enough to discover at the Stan Musial Awards in St. Louis a couple weeks ago:

  • Bates College. At Bates College, during the 2015 national boating championships, their boats got destroyed during travel to California for the tournament.  As a result, a local college felt compelled to donate a few boats to Bates so they could participate.  The team turned around and ended up winning the 2015 national rowing championship, their first rowing national title.
  • Another story we heard was a baseball player named Jason.  He heard about a little girl who was diagnosed with cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant.  Jason stepped up to the plate and donated the necessary bone marrow, leaving him unable to play baseball and finish his senior season.  Although Jason never met the little girl or found out if the surgery was successful, he was still willing to give.  Very touching story.
  • Basketball coach. The final “do the right thing” story we heard was a basketball story.  A player had his mother pass away before the game and he was not planning on playing.  He showed up at halftime and intending to play.  Because he was not listed in the scorer’s book, a technical foul was given to the opposing team.  In a sign of respect and sportsmanship, the opposing coach had his player purposely miss the ensuing two free throws.  Such a great gesture.

As a professional speaker, I love hearing these stories about people doing the right thing.  What examples have you seen?  What stories do you have to share?  I would LOVE to hear all about it.  Have a great weekend, everyone.

Life Tip #80: Set standards for yourself higher than anyone would set for you

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